Using the Remote Settings Control app

The Remote Settings Control app allows a host or co-host to request the ability to monitor and adjust the meeting settings of remote participants in Zoom. These settings, such as Original Sound, are often adjusted based on the meeting context, so remote management of these settings can aid in meeting management workflows.

Note: The host or co-host must install the Remote Settings Control app from the Zoom Apps Marketplace, but other participant(s) may operate the app in Guest Mode, which does not require the user to add and authenticate with the app.

This article covers: 

Prerequisites for using the Remote Settings Control App

Settings controllable by the Remote Settings Control app

The following Zoom desktop client settings can be viewed and changed by a host or co-host using the Remote Settings Control app:

Audio settings:

Video settings:

How to install from the Zoom App Marketplace

To install the Remote Settings Control app:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Search for Remote Settings Control.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Review the requested permissions and click Authorize.
    Once installed, the app is displayed under the Apps section of the Zoom desktop client.

How to use the Remote Settings Control app

  1. Start or join a Zoom Meeting as the host or co-host.
  2. Click Apps  in the meeting controls toolbar.
  3. Open the Remote Settings Control app.
    Under the Request Remote Control section, hosts and co-hosts can see a list of all participants in the meeting
  4. Next to the participant’s name, click the invite option to send a request for settings control to that participant.
    The invited participant will see a prompt in their Zoom window, requesting remove control of the settings listed.
    If the participant accepts the request, the participant will be listed under the Remote Sound Control section, otherwise they will remain in the Request Remote Control section.
  5. Next to the participant’s name, click the user settings option .
    That user’s settings will be displayed.
  6. Click and adjust settings as needed.
    The user you are controlling will be prompted to allow the change to their settings.
    Both the host and the participant will see the changes listed in the app.
  7. (Optional) Click the X option to stop controlling this user’s settings.

At the bottom of the app panel, the host/co-host can also enable or disable Original Sound for all users they currently have settings control of.

How to use the app as a remote participant

  1. Join a Zoom Meeting.
  2. If you do not already have the Remote Settings Control app installed, you may be asked to add the app by the host, otherwise the app can be used in Guest Mode.
  3. The host or co-host of the meeting will request access to control some of your meeting settings.
  4. Click Accept to give the host or co-host control of your meeting settings.
    As the host or co-host makes changes to your settings, you will be prompted to allow these changes.
  5. Click Allow to change the settings requested by the host/co-host.
  6. (Optional) Click Revoke to remove the host’s or co-host’s control of your meeting settings.
    Note: These permissions are automatically revoked if the host or co-host leaves the meeting, as well as when the meeting ends.

How to uninstall from the App Marketplace

  1. Log in to the App Marketplace web portal.
  2. Click Manage and then click Added Apps.
  3. Next to the Remote Settings Control app, click Remove.

Data Security

The application uses the zoomapp:inmeeting scope to allow users to open it during Zoom meetings. Please refer to the Zoom privacy statement for details on how Zoom collects, uses, and shares personal data.

See the full list of Zoom Apps SDK methods accessed by this app below: