Assisting provisioning for Avaya J100 series


The Avaya J100 series IP phones offer Zero-Touch provisioning (ZTP), however, if ZTP fails you can follow the below instructions to assist in provisioning the phone using the enrollment code.

Note: The assisted provisioning using the Zoom provisioning URL is not available for Avaya J100 series phones, so you must use the enrollment code.

Prerequisites for assisting in provisioning an Avaya J100 series phone

How to provision an Avaya J100 series phone with assisted provisioning using the Enrollment code

  1. Review the prerequisites list to ensure you are prepared.
  2. Open a web browser and ensure you can access
    Note: This is to ensure your network connection is correct.
  3. Factory reset the phone by doing the following:
    • On your phone, Press Menu or the More key, and select Admin.
    • In the Access code field, enter the default admin password 27238, then press Enter.
    • Scroll down, select Reset to defaults, then press the Select key.
    • Press Reset.
    • During the initial boot session, when asked Do you want to activate Auto Provisioning now, select Yes.
    • When prompted, enter the enrollment code provided in the steps below.
      Your phone will reboot to complete the provisioning process.
  4. Find the Enrollment code, by doing the following:
    • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
    • In the navigation menu, click Phone System Management, then Phones & Devices.
    • Click the Assigned or Unassigned tab, then click the display name of the Avaya phone.
    • Click the Profile tab.
    • Under Factory reset needed for provisioning, click Assisted Provisioning.
    • In the Provisioning windows, identify the enrollment code in step 5.