Using Team Chat Quick Schedule with AI Companion

Team Chat Quick Schedule with AI Companion uses AI technology, to easily schedule meetings within chat, eliminating the need to switch between various applications. When this feature is enabled, the system will detect situations in chat messages where a meeting will likely be created and streamline the scheduling process to enhance productivity.

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This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Team Chat Quick Schedule 

Limitations of Quick Schedule

How to schedule a meeting in Team Chat using Quick Schedule

Team Chat Quick Schedule with AI Companion allows you to easily schedule meetings within chat. When AI Companion detects meeting intent in chat messages, the Schedule Meeting button will appear below the message. For example, your team is discussing an upcoming product launch in a chat, and you decide it's a good time to schedule a product demonstration for internal stakeholders. As soon as you mention scheduling the demo, the Schedule Meeting button appears below the message. 

To quickly schedule the meeting, click the Schedule Meeting button. This will open the scheduler window where you can edit meeting details and confirm the meeting. Zoom will prefill the meeting scheduler with the date and time, meeting topic, and attendees if possible.

If a date and time is mentioned in the message, it will be prefilled in the scheduler and visible in the schedule button. The time zone will always be the end user’s timezone, which is pulled from the user’s Zoom profile. Users who are @mentioned in the message will be automatically added in the scheduler.