Generating bot flows

Zoom Virtual Agent admins can leverage GenAI to construct bot flows by providing a description of the desired flow through a prompt. Admins can also edit and refine the prompt, allowing them to regenerate the flow with precision.

Prerequisites for generating bot flows

How to generate bot flows

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu on the left, click AI Management then Virtual Agent.
  3. Create a chatbot or click an existing chatbot.
  4. Click the Bot Flows tab.
  5. Click Add Flow.
  6. In the Add Flow window, click Generate flow and provide the following details:
    • Name: Enter a display name for your bot flow.
    • Bot Tone: Set the desired tone of the bot, whether it is formal, informal, friendly, serious, and playful.
    • Intents (Optional): Choose an intent from the drop-down list for your flow.
    • Flow Prompt: Describe what you want your flow to accomplish.
    • Description (Optional): Provide a description for the flow.
      Note: If you prefer to manually create a flow, click Manually create a flow.
  7. Click Generate.
    You will be directed to the bot flow editor with the generated bot flow. It is recommended to verify and edit the content of the widgets, as some may be placeholders.
  8. (Optional) At the top of the screen, click Regenerate if you’re not satisfied with the result.
  9. (Optional) In the Add Flow window, provide concise and specific details to obtain a more accurate result.
  10. (Optional) Click Regenerate.
  11. (Optional) Click Restore previous version to revert to a previous version of the bot flow.