Using a Wise-supported payment as a Zoom payment method

Zoom accepts payment methods supported by Wise for customers who meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more about Wise, a platform that enables money transfers in multiple currencies with digital wallets, bank transfers, cards, and more.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for paying with Wise

How to use a Wise-supported payment method

If you’re a new Zoom customer purchasing an account, or a free customer upgrading to a Pro or Business plan, you can make an active purchase with Wise when placing an order.

  1. Start your purchase from the Zoom Plans and Pricing page and follow the instructions on screen.
  2. When placing an order, in the Payment Method section, choose a payment method supported by Wise.
    Note: Depending on your country and currency, one or more tiles with payment methods supported by Wise will be displayed.
  3. Click Place Order.
    You will be directed to login or sign up for a Wise account. Once logged in, you will be taken to the Wise website to initiate your payment.
  4. Follow the Wise transfer instructions and make the payment within 5 days.
    • During this time, first time Wise users will need to complete their account verification. Until you complete your payment through Wise, your order will be in a processing payment status, but your Zoom account subscription will be activated immediately. After 10 days of non-payment, the order will be canceled and you must place a new order. 
    • Zoom will pay any additional fees associated with this payment.

How to complete your Wise account verification

Learn how to verify your personal account or business account with Wise.

Note: Some countries have additional country-specific verification requirements. For more information, refer to Wise’s support site.

How to pay for invoices and account upgrades with Wise-supported payment methods

You will receive an email from Zoom when your invoice is due, with specific instructions on how to pay your invoice through the Wise platform. Zoom will pay any additional fees associated with this payment.

You cannot change your payment method to Wise through the Zoom web portal if your plan was originally purchased using a different payment method.

Make a one-time payment through Wise with local currencies BRL, MYR, SGD, or TRY

For customers with local currency of BRL, MYR, SGD, or TRY, you can make a one-time payment in your local currency, even if it is different from the currency on your Zoom account, without the need to permanently update your account currency. This can help you save on cross-border fees and exchange rates associated with your payment.

Note: Existing customers transacting in Turkish Lira (TRY) can make a one-time payment in TRY,  even though Zoom does not typically offer this currency.