Configuring the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn integration

Bullhorn provides a robust platform designed to assist staffing and recruiting agencies in optimizing their operations, effectively managing candidate and client relationships, and improving overall workflow efficiency.

Elevate your Bullhorn experience and streamline your processes by incorporating the Zoom Phone integration. With the Zoom Phone Bullhorn Integration, users gain direct access to Zoom Phone functionality within the Bullhorn app. This integration offers agents a more seamless user experience, delivering the following benefits:

Note: If you are a user, you can follow those guidelines to start using the integration.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for setting up Zoom Phone for Bullhorn Integration

How to install and set up the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn app

Preliminaries before installing the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn app

The following Bullhorn credentials are required to set up the integration:

If you don’t have these credentials, you can reach out to Bullhorn Support by providing the following information:

Note: It’s crucial for you to have your credentials ready since Zoom cannot access them on your behalf.

Install the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn app from Zoom Marketplace

  1. Install the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn app for your account from the Zoom App Marketplace.
    The app will be added.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page of the app, then click Configure.
  3. In the Admin Settings window, enter the Bullhorn credentials for:
    1. Admin username
    2. OAuth Client ID
    3. OAuth Client secret 
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Confirmation window, click Confirm, to confirm the connection between your Bullhorn and Zoom accounts.
    A notification screen will display to let you know you’re successfully logged in to Bullhorn.
  6. Install the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn Chrome Extension from the Chrome web store for Zoom Phone users.

How to uninstall the Zoom phone for Bullhorn Chrome extension

You can follow the Google documentation to uninstall the Chrome extension.

How to uninstall the Zoom Phone for Bullhorn app from Zoom Marketplace

To remove the integration between Zoom Phone and Bullhorn, follow this article.