Zoom Meeting, Webinar, and Team Chat Telemetry Events

Telemetry Data consists of individual Telemetry Events that could be sent to Zoom from the Zoom desktop client and mobile app running on an end user’s device. Telemetry Data is information about how Zoom is used or performing (e.g., product usage and system configuration). Zoom uses Telemetry Data to operate its services, provide support, troubleshoot problems, and make product improvements.

Telemetry Data is collected based on settings, such as your Diagnostic Data Consent settings, the client version, and whether you have certain Zoom products or features enabled. Each Telemetry Event is assigned to one of the two categories of Diagnostic Data: Required or Optional. Click here to learn more about the categories and Diagnostic Data Consent settings in the Data & Privacy Center.

Telemetry Events that are collected follow a similar structure: the category of event, the action taken to trigger the event, the location in the app where the event occurred, a timestamp, and some pseudonymous identifiers (e.g. device ID, meeting ID, etc.). Zoom maintains privacy and security processes for approving the contents and purpose of new Telemetry Events before such events can be added to help ensure that neither directly identifying data nor customer content are collected.

Below is a list of Telemetry Events for specified Zoom Products for Zoom desktop client and mobile app version 5.17.0. A description of each Telemetry Event and whether it will be collected based on your Diagnostic Data Consent Settings is provided for each telemetry event. This is a point in time assessment as Zoom actively assesses and adjusts Telemetry Events and their categories.

This article covers:

Meeting & Webinar Telemetry Events

Required Meeting & Webinar Telemetry Events

Optional Meeting & Webinar Telemetry Events

Team Chat Telemetry Events

Required Team Chat Telemetry Events

Optional Team Chat Telemetry Events