Frequently asked questions about read receipts for messages


Read receipts for messages are notifications that let the sender know when their message has been delivered to and read by the recipient. This feature gives users confirmation that their message has been received and viewed by the person they intended to send it to.

This article covers:

How can I enable read receipts?

The main setting to turn read receipts on is disabled by default. There is a sub-setting to allow users to turn off this setting, but it will be enabled by default if the main setting is on. The user-level setting is not shown if the main setting is off.

Enabling read receipts should apply to users regardless of whether they can opt out or not.

In what cases can my message be shown as read?

Messages can be marked as read under several circumstances:

What are the time constraints for displaying read receipts?

Read receipts are only shown for new messages. Channels with more than 20 members will not display read receipts.

What are the design highlights of the read receipt feature?

Are there any user-level client settings for read receipts?

Yes, there are user-level client settings for read receipts.