Zoom Meetings, Webinar, and Team Chat Data Retention Standard

Zoom’s data retention standards outline default timelines for various data stored and processed by Zoom as a data processor. Zoom is in the process of implementing these timelines and may adjust them in the future as necessary to meet evolving customer needs.

Data will generally fall within three categories:

Customer Data

Customer Data is activity data generated as a result of using and/or interacting with Zoom’s products, applications, and services. Customer Data consists of data such as:

Customer Content

Customer Content is information provided or transmitted by the customer to Zoom through the usage of the service. Customer Content consists of data such as:

Support Data

Support Data is data provided to Zoom by a customer to troubleshoot customer-related issues. Support Data consists of data such as:


These data categories are also described in the Meeting, Webinar, and Team Chat Privacy Data Sheet.

Retention of the data in Zoom’s Environment may also depend on an account owner’s settings (including, but not limited to, retention settings for Cloud Recordings and Team Chat as mentioned above), if the data is manually deleted, or the user or account is deleted.

These timelines are further subject to exceptions in Zoom’s Privacy Statement, including when a longer retention period is required by applicable law, and for trust and safety purposes. Additional information on Zoom’s Trust and Safety processes may be found in Zoom's Safety Center.