Understanding Estimated Wait Time

Estimated Wait Time (EWT) is a projection of how long a person can expect to wait before connecting with a live agent. The estimated wait time gives people transparency and helps them make educated decisions.

From the consumer standpoint, if someone knows that they will have to wait an hour in a queue, they can make alternative plans such as:


From a business perspective, it helps deflect voice interactions that are usually time-consuming and costly.

Prerequisites for understanding Estimated Wait Time

How Estimated Wait Time is calculated

To determine the Estimated Wait Time, Zoom Contact Center must have:


If the engagement requires a live agent, Zoom Contact Center will first select a pool of agents susceptible to taking that engagement. This can be accomplished using one of two ways:


The AI strategy for EWT ensures precise outcomes by consistently updating after each engagement, addressing cold start scenarios, and accounting for fluctuations in daily, weekly, or seasonal patterns.