Premier Developer Support: Submitting a Case

Developers have two different options for receiving support. On the Developer Forum, developers can collaborate with other developers and Zoom Developer Advocates. This space does not require a Premier Developer Support license. The forum is best for general questions, research, or items that do not need a quick turnaround time in responses. There are no SLA/SLO’s associated with the forum, and posts do not create a ticket.

Customers can also work directly with a Developer Support Engineer who can assist with issues or inquiries that may arise. This method of contact requires a Premier Developer Support license. Cases are submitted in the support ticketing system and have SLA’s or SLO’s associated based on the Premier Developer Support level.

Learn more about our Premier Developer Support options. 


Creating a Premier Developer Support Case

  1. Navigate to Developer Support.
  2. Click Open a ticket and authenticate with your Zoom credentials.  The submission form will populate to submit your request.
  3. Fill out the required submission fields and ensure the Product field is set as DEVELOPER API & SDK.
  4. Click Submit.
    You will be redirected to your Support Dashboard, where you can follow and track the status of your case. 

Information to Include