Customizing the VDI Plugin update prompt

With version 6.0.10 and higher, a policy can be added to specify alternate text to be displayed for the VDI Plugin Management update prompt. Both the Zoom VDI Meeting client and the VDI Plugin Management version must be 6.0.10 or greater.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for customizing the VDI Plugin update prompt

VDI plugin update prompt dialog

Customizing dialog text is available for the primary dialog displayed when there is a missing or out-of-date plugin. Other dialogs displayed when the plugin is incompatible or when clicking on the optional Opt Out button cannot be customized at this time.

The following is an example of the prompt dialog box with the standard text:
Note: The addition of the Later button is included for the example but requires adding the policy UpdatePluginLater. Learn more about enabling the virtual desktop for Zoom VDI Plugin Management.

All of the above text will be replaced when using the policy VDIPluginAutoUpdateDescription. This policy is configured using the following values.

Key: SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\VDI
Value: VDIPluginAutoUpdateDescription
Value Type: STRING
Value: If this policy is not included or undefined, the default VDI Plugin update prompt is displayed. Custom text for the VDI Plugin update dialog cannot be longer than 1024 characters.

Note: If a line return is required, "\n" should be used to add the line return.

The text configured for the STRING value is displayed in the dialog. All of the text displayed above is replaced. It is suggested that replacement text considers the original context to provide instructions to the end user and set expectations.

The following are some important guidelines for supported characters and formatting options that can be included in the text.

Display the plugin version

In the dialog example above, the version of the plugin that will be installed is displayed inside parentheses. To include the same reference in your customized text, the version string is represented with %s. To match the format above you would include (%s) in the appropriate text sentence.

Create new lines

To create space between paragraphs, you will need to add \n. To match the break in the default dialog above, the first line would be entered as “You need to install a compatible Zoom plugin on your device to improve your meeting quality\n”.

1024-character limit

Replacing the text for the dialog prompts supports configuring up to 1024 characters, including %s, \n, and space in the description. Entries such as %s and \n are counted as two characters. Refer to the next section for special language characters.

Note: If the string entered exceeds the 1024-character limit, the policy will not be applied and the default dialog text will be displayed.

Calculate special character counts

When using characters for languages such as Chinese or Japanese, the character count for each character is the same as three standard ASCII characters. The additional count for such characters can require carefully checking your configured STRING value to confirm the 1024-character limit is not exceeded. As an example, including “测试1234” in the description would be counted as 2 * 3 + 4 * 1 = 10.

Unacceptable characters

The following characters cannot be included in the text entered for the STRING value:

<, >, {, }, [, ], %, /, \, “, ' @, $, &, *,#

Including any of the above characters in your custom text policy will result in the entire text being rejected and the default prompt dialog text displayed instead.