Embedding Whiteboard into a Coda page

Users can embed Zoom Whiteboards into Coda pages for a view-only experience. This allows anyone to see and navigate the whiteboard directly within a Coda document. Document owners control embedding permissions, deciding if their whiteboards can be used in third-party apps.

Additionally, with the Zoom Whiteboard Coda Pack, you can add rich links to Zoom Whiteboards in Coda. This integration recognizes Zoom Whiteboard links in Coda, enhancing the user experience by creating detailed link descriptions or embedding the whiteboard directly into the Coda document.


This article covers:

Prerequisites for embedding Whiteboard into a Coda page

Note: For organizations with app approvals required, their admin will have to approve the App Marketplace integration.

How to install the Zoom Whiteboard Embed app from the Zoom Marketplace

To embed Zoom Whiteboard in other applications, you must add and approve the Zoom Whiteboard Embed application (built by Zoom) in the Zoom App Marketplace. With the Zoom Whiteboard embed feature, you can embed Whiteboard into other apps like Coda, Notion and Confluence.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace as an admin or owner.
  2. Search for and select Zoom Whiteboard Embed
  3. To the right of Approve app, toggle the switch to approve the app.
    The app authorization page will be displayed, providing details on required app permissions.
  4. Decide whether you’d like to enable it for all users on your account for specific users.
  5. Click Save.

How to embed Whiteboard into a Coda page

Copy URL or embed code from Whiteboard

Paste the URL or embed code in Coda

  1. Open your Coda page where you want to embed the Whiteboard.
  2. Paste the copied URL or embed code directly onto the page.
    The Display As menu will open.
  3. Select Coda Packs.
  4. Choose Zoom Whiteboard for Coda.
    The link will be converted into a card. 
  5. Click Connect to Zoom Whiteboard.
  6. Choose Add a new account.
    The Zoom App Marketplace will open.
  7. Choose Allow.
  8. In Coda, select Complete Setup.
    The pack will be approved and pasted links will display information about the pasted Whiteboard.